How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost? – A Consumer’s Guide

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost? – A Consumer’s Guide

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost? – A Consumer’s Guide

In this article, we will analyze how much a composite shingle roof costs, how much a clay tile roof costs, and how much a slate roof costs.

Costs in this article are an average from 10 roofers based in Dallas, Texas. This does not necessarily reflect your local area, but should give you a good indication on how much your roof costs.

Key Terms- Square

One Important thing to understand in roofing, is the term “Square”. A square refers, to how much material is needed to fill up 100 square feet on a roof. This is important to note, because a square does NOT refer to 100 square feet of material. Most roofing material is interlocked, or overlapping. Slate has something called a “Headlap”, which refers to how much each slate overlaps the slate below it. Overlap is needed for the flow of water, as without the overlap water would seep into the house.

Composite Roof’s – A composite roof is the most common kind of roof, as it is relatively cheap, and easy to install due to equipment and skill set. Composite roof material costs under 1$ psf for the actual shingles, and when it’s all said and done comes out to a total of 1.00-3.00$ psf installed. An average price for a composite roof is around $1.75 psf installed. If you have a 4,000 square foot roof, which is a good average, you might expect your roof to cost $7,000. This is very economical for most home owners. It is important to note that shingle roofs last from 10-20 years, meaning that depending on how long you own your house you will need to replace your entire roof.

Clay Tile Roof’s – Clay tile is a specialty kind of roof. This means that a roofer needs to be trained in how to install tile, as well as needing to have special tools to install the tile. In this section I am referring to actual clay tile roofing, not concrete tile that looks much like clay tile. Clay Tile is commonly seen in homes that want a rustic or Spanish style kind of architecture. A clay tile roof costs around $5.50 psf. This means that if you have a 4,000 square foot roof, you can expect your roof to cost around 22,000$. Clay tile can last anywhere from 25-50 years, and sometimes longer depending on the tile, meaning that you are replacing your roof about half as often as a conventional shingle roof.

Slate Roof – The cost of the slate roof depends on many factors, including how steep your roof is, how many square feet your roof is, and what kind of slate you are installing. European slate is incredibly expensive (yet isn’t a higher quality), and can increase the cost of your roof by a factor of 2 or 3X. A conventional square of roofing slate costs around 300$-500$. This also changes with how thick the slate is. With slate material costing around 3$ psf for the material itself, an installed roof can be anywhere from $6.50-12$. Assuming your choosing an average slate, with an average slate roof, you can expect your roof to cost around 8$ psf installed. If you have a 4,000 square foot roof, you can expect the total cost to be around $32,000. This is approximately 4.2X the cost of a conventional shingle roof. The good thing, is that your slate roof can last 75+ years, meaning that for every 6 times you replace a conventional roof, you will replace your slate roof.

If you take this into consideration, slate is a very cost effective solution to roofing. Slate Roof’s require very little maintenance, often last the entire life of the house, and are a class-A fire retardant, meaning that you will often get an insurance benefit.

Conclusion – A slate roof costs around 8$ a square foot. When this is compared to the life of a slate roof, it is a very economical solution to roofing.

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