Why Georgetown Roofing Slate?

Georgetown Slate is Elevation Sourcing LLC’s premier roofing slate product. Elevation Sourcing is one of the leading providers of Natural Slate in the United States. Our premier roofing line, Georgetown Slate, is the ultimate roofing slate supply solution for any professional roofing contractor or distributor involved in the sale or installation of natural slate. Georgetown Slate is a superior for three reasons, Price, Quality, and Variety/Availability.


When bidding on a project, you need a competitive price to make sure you get the bid, and to capitalize on your investment. At Elevation Sourcing, we completely understand that price is an important part of any product we sell. Our Georgetown slate product line blows many of our competitors out of the water, and here’s how. We have over twenty years of import experience. This experience allows us to have some of the lowest freight rates in the business, as well as the fact that we buy from some of the most technologically advanced quarries in the world. This experience, when added to our low expenses, allows us to provide our customers with a high quality product directly from the source. We guarantee that any square of slate we quote, will beat our competitors price.


At Elevation Sourcing, we understand that Quality is a key factor to keeping business over long periods of time. It doesn’t matter if you have the lowest bid on a project, if you have to replace the entire roof ten years after installation. Our George Town Slate line is high quality natural slate. We maintain this quality two ways. The first way we maintain this quality, is by regular ASTM testing at an approved laboratory in Dallas, Texas. After we find a slate source that meets the industry standard, we personally inspect every container leaving our quarries. This two part method of testing and inspection allows us to stand behind our slate product as one of the best quality natural roofing products in the business.

Variety and Availability

We understand that in order to be competitive in the current market, our customers need a large variety of available stock. Our Georgetown Slate line has 10 unique standard colors, as well as 7 unique exotic colors. These 17 combined colors allow a large variety of projects to be completed. We have a large stock of roofing slate in Dallas, Texas, which means fast delivery times for a quick turnaround for any project.

Who We Are

Imports and Domestic

Georgetown Slate, a division of Elevation Sourcing, imports only the highest quality natural roofing slate products from around the world. Elevation Sourcing imports directly from Spain, Brazil, Canada, and China. We also carry high-quality natural slate from Vermont.

Integrity and Experience

Georgetown Slate incorporates over 30 years of importing experience with a high level of integrity into every product we sell. All of our slate is ASTM tested and approved for quality and durability. Our team conducts post-production quality inspections at the quarries overseas and again perform a post-shipment quality assurance check when our freights dock, ensuring that we deliver the best quality natural slate. We aim to achieve your 100% satisfaction with every shipment of Georgetown Slate.

Availability and Service

Georgetown Slate maintains a substantial investment in natural roofing slate products from around the globe. This ensures a reliable and readily available stock of all of our slate. We have an 17 colors in our product line, from cool grey’s to standout reds. When you are in need of slate, we are prepared and ready to ship directly to your job-site anywhere in the United States. If you are interested in any of our products for an upcoming job please contact us here.

Large modern house with Georgetown Slate's Rustic Blend installed.
Georgetown Slate Rustic Blend roofing slate product on a completed installation in the greater Dallas area.